Kayak rental Ghent - Edville

Ghent is a city of water, so why not take advantage of it? 
Rental of tandem kayaks for 2 persons in the center of Ghent. met je collega’s, familie, of vrienden.
Have a great experience with your colleagues, family, or friends while kayaking in Gent.

+ Perfect for couples 
+ Simple and fun for all ages 
+ Pet friendly 

Kayaking Ghent

Ghent’s waterways offer a unique perspective on the city’s rich architectural heritage.
As you navigate the canals, you’ll be treated to stunning views of medieval buildings,
vibrant facades, and centuries-old bridges. 

Kayak on the Leie through the center past, among other things, the Graslei or Korenlei in Ghent.

Easily book your kayak below and choose for yourself how long you want to rent your kayak:

Kayaking in Ghent:
adventurous route


per duo kajak

  • Back in 3 hours​​
  • including all materials​

Kayaking in Ghent: 
panoramic + adventure route


per duo kajak

  • back in 4 hours
  • including all materials​

Kayakin in Ghent:
schools & groups


online discount

per duo kajak

  • according to route
  • including all materials​

Kayaking in Ghent: panoramic route


per duo kajak

  • Back in 2 hours
  • including all materials​

Adventure route sights

  • Sint-Pieterskerk
  •  Vooruit
  • De Krook 
  • Duivelsteen
  • Oude beestenmarkt 
  • Kajakglijbaan in de oude haven Portus Ganda
  • De visserij
  • Keizerpark

The adventurous route takes you outside the historical city center to the Keizerpark. A very peaceful kayaking trip, without many passersby. Feel free to bring a snack and a drink and enjoy the Keizerpark. You will have to get in and out of the water shortly after the Keizerpark. This route is not suitable for people with limited mobility.

Panoramic route sights

  • Sint-Pieterskerk
  • Vooruit
  • De Krook 
  • Justitiepaleis
  • Ajuinlei, Graslei en Korenlei
  • Sint-Michielskerk
  • Het Gravensteen

The panoramic route can be completed in 2 hours. 
If you wish to rest a bit more, we recommend booking 3 hours. 
You can then easily take a break in the park of the Gravensteen.


+ Tandem kayak for 2 
+ 2 peddels
+ Waterproof bag
+ City map
+ Life-jacket (on request)
+ Locker for your stuff (€5,-)


+ We are located right on the water in the art and student quarter, just a 15 minutes walk from the historical center of Ghent, which makes renting a kayak a dream! The starting and the finish point are at Edville Studio, Ter Platen 60. + Whether you want to relax or exercise, our kayaks will give you a fun and exciting experience in Ghent!
+ Reservations are highly recommended during the busy summer season. If you are trying to reserve a kayak in a date or time that isn't showing up, it's because it's fully booked.




+ Minimum age 14 to go alone + Maximum of 2 adults per kayak. You may fit a small child or dog in between or go alone with a child.
+ Weight limit 250kg
+ Able to swim, otherwise lifejacket required
+ Weather: it's a great activity to do on a sunny or rainy day


Gift cards

Give someone a treat with a gift voucher! 
Surprise your loved ones, colleagues, or business partners.

 Valid for 2 years.

(je kan makkelijk meerdere cadeaubonnen selecteren)


2 hours kayaking for 2


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3 hours kayaking for 2


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4 hours kayaking for 2


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You can start and moor at Edville Kayak's private dock: Ter Platen 60, 9000 Ghent : Ter Platen 60, 9000 Gent

There are two loops in Ghent city centre where you can kayak. The first loop goes from the Coupure to the Blaarmeersen. The second loop where you can kayak freely goes to the Keizepark and the Visserij.

  1. Shipping always has priority. ​
  2. Stay on starboard shore (right).​
  3. Wear a white light when it is dark or foggy.​
  4. Take ships' blind spots into account.​
  5. Cross the waterway plumb and fast.​
  6. Preferably wear eye-catching clothing.​
  7. Wear a swimming or life jacket.​

After you buy a gift certificate, you will receive an email containing the gift coupon. You can send this coupon to your loved one or print it out and hand it over yourself. To book, just go through the booking process and at the payment step in the check-out, you can add the coupon code, and you're good to go! You can use the gift coupon for all our products and subscriptions. The gift voucher is always valid for 2 years after purchase. 

No liability for accidents of any kind can be invoked against "Edville Kayak Gent" or its appointees. Ignorance of this matter on the part of the ordinary participant, irrespective of age, can never be invoked as an extenuating circumstance. Each hirer sails under his own responsibility. Young people under the age of 14 must always be accompanied by their parents or responsible supervisors.

Bij verlies of beschadiging van een In case of loss or damage to a kayak or accessories, compensation must be paid.kajak of toebehoren dient een vergoeding te worden betaald.

Kayak: €600,- 
Paddle: €75,- 
Lifejacket: €45


The scenic route goes through the centre and is completely flat. 
 The adventure route has a tunnel, a water slide, a section through the reed bed and you climb out and back into the water.

If you want to do it slowly, you will need more than 2 hours. Also, if you want to do 2 routes, you will need more than 2 hours.

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